Equine Marketing


Specialty marketing for equine business, veterinarians, and country life publications.

The equestrian marketing game has changed rapidly in the twenty-first century. Posting flyers at the feed store doesn’t cut it anymore. You need a solid digital marketing strategy in place if you’re going to stand out, attract new clients, and thrive in this difficult industry.

The same goes for veterinarians, entrepreneurs, publishers, and anyone else trying to reach the diverse animal-lover market. Let me use my expertise in these markets to bring you customers, with everything from improved local search results to content that builds trust with your future clients.

Below you’ll find a small sample of my extensive work in the equestrian marketing field. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is hugely important to most equestrian businesses, but ineffective posting can do more harm than good. In the volatile, hearts-first equine community, one wrong word or photo can turn into an online drama-fest.

Sidestep the anxiety and let a professional handle your organic and paid social media growth. Because your reputation is too important to risk with a Facebook mob.

Advertising for Equestrian Businesses

Trust your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest ads with someone who understands your industry. The ad below was highly effective, gaining more than a thousand downloads at just 19 cents per click. But just imagine if someone had used a horse from the wrong discipline!

Gain Clicks and Trust with Blogs

Regular blogging establishes your reputation as an expert in your field. It can make the difference in turning a click into a client, especially when you’re trying to reach amateurs or people new to the industry.

Imagine this: you’re a mother looking for riding lessons to make your horse-crazy daughter happy. A Google search leads you to two nearby stables: one with a basic homepage advertising riding lessons, and one with a helpful, informative site featuring blog posts on getting started with riding, safety around horses, and successful horse show outings.

Which one are you going to feel is a leader in the field? Which one will you trust your daughter’s safety with as she learns to ride? Potential clients are looking for experts and reassurance. A well-written blog offers both.

Blogs also offer SEO advantages to businesses who are seeking better brand recognition. Consider the blog of Equine Facility Design. Beginning in 2012, I began writing posts for this website which still bring in regular traffic from amateur and professional equestrians.

While an equine facility architect might be a once-in-a-lifetime hire, the brand recognition and SEO authority gained by having an active, trustworthy blog gives this company an edge over competitors.

Alternative Horse Bedding Blog Post
This blog post, written in 2013, still ranks third on Google for “alternative horse bedding.” It was written in a formal style to align with the brand’s standards. Click for full image.

This is a very small selection of work I have done in the equestrian field. What can I do for you? Click for your 15-minute consultation and learn about the opportunities awaiting your business with a custom marketing plan.